Parity Marketing Group


Public Relations: Calling across the USA offering a chance for change with the number 2 independent                                   PR firm in the United States.

Software:           Over the years numerous types of software with one on one appointments and webinars

Real Estate:        Survey's on homeowners who will be selling their home in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years

Sample of clients. Ask us about your Industry or Service

Payroll services:  Interacting with HR Departments for Ceridian in Manhattan, LI, CT, MA, CA plus a number of                                 smaller accounts 

Vending services: Finding locations for the Vending industry both for Machines, Micro Marts and full

                             Cafeterias services 

Aerospace:         Tracked and registered unknown locations for GM engines used for creating electricity 

                           in the United States

Recruitment:     Years of calling Doctors and presenting benefits of working for six hospitals  while finding what                                 their needs and want are.