We listen to what you want and also provide you with what you need. It's always your option to direct us to your desired outcome. Our responsibility is to not only be establishing and maintaining the goal but review the outcome of the goal. In some cases partnering by taking the quantum leap to the outcome beyond the goal. Sometimes saving 4-5 steps. All that depends on your intentions. 

What is the difference between call centers?

We offer our cast members reasonable time off without fear of losing their position due to sickness, change of household curriculum or in need of a personal day. In this way they are always at peak performance. 

Each cast member is offer opportunities to learn and participate in meditation each week.

Each cast member is asked to not only learn what our clients want but to listen to each of their own wants and needs. To be the best they can be on and off the floor. We accomplish this by each month wellness meetings.  

If a member of our cast is uncomfortable with or doesn't grasp conceptually a type of account they do not have to work on that account. We only desire proactive cast members on an account.

Parity Marketing Group


Our style of training in Rapport Building, Overcoming Objections, Probing Question and the ABC's always be closing to name a few.