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Some of the ways PMG serve you.


"Today is a great day for success"

  Larry Quemere


Option three: In each hour of calling we find the decision maker,                                              probe for pain or pleasure, ask qualifying questions                                              all the while playing back what's in it for them. 

                       Arrive at the solution is to meet you and setting a                                                  face to face appointment or what you would  like as a

                       next step i.e Registration, survey etc.

                                                     When calling for Appointment Setting and after qualifying the lead to your                                                                      requirements we are always setting the next step. By turning up the urgency in having

                                          solutions, wants and needs of the prospect addressed after our probing questions                                                          by meeting the solution-youYou are the service product, you are the next step in this

                                          sales funnel. Let us show you the different results each option reaches and why

                                          they may implemented different results

Option one: Finding and confirming the Decision Makers >

                     Name > Title> >Address> Ext> Email address    

Option six:  Not sure which way to go first or confused by our options or have                    a situation you want to explain to us and ask if we can perform                        that service. Let's talk.....  call 866-218-2812 or email us and let's                    get to know you. Either way nothing beats knowing and you may                      walk away with a few actionable ideas you can act on yourself.  

Option five: We train 1 or 100 Callers for Appointment Setting                                      Even if they have been calling for years we set  

                     a goal of going from Good to Great. Our work includes  

                     caller evaluation tools, overcoming objections, voice

                     mails,probing sale questions that get results, getting past

                     the gate keeper, the proper voice mails,how many times

                     should you call to name a few. If anything nothing beats                          knowing what a call evaluation will yield 

Option two: Mailing first class mail or an email campaign to each 

                     prospect. Either from your list or option's one list




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 Option four:  Market Research as to who is your best prospect and                                       how best to reach them.