• Listen to your wants and needs.
  • When do you take appointments, day's and times?
  • Zip codes or counties to target?
  • Desired Company employee size? 
  • What type companies do you not want called ?
  • Are you now using an on line Calendar?
  • Qualifying questions Pre- appointments.
  • What would you like for them to know about you?

  • Creating a template from answers of our questions.

  • Blending messages sent and spoken to your prospects.

  • Create a script

  • Select the best list to call from.

  • send the list to you for approval.

  • Introduce next step you're the go to person for answers.

  • Asking qualifying questions.

  • Establish and anchor the value in meeting.

  • Ask for an appointment with any and all DM's.

  • Document the conversation both written and audio.

  • All information entered into a safe online calendar.

  • You'll receive your appointment by email.

  • Information is proprietary not shared or made public.

  • Our calendar has fire wall, log on and password

 next  Step

Information about Vending  Appointments

Vending and Micro Mart Sale Appointments

Join us as a Vending client

 PMG Sets:  Based on your selection of employee size, zip code or counties and combination of any qualifying questions,

                   we set sales appointments. These appointments are with decision makers who's responsibility is to review their

                   interest for Soda, Snacks and Micro Mart's for their employees.

                           Either way nothing beats knowing so lets share and think outside the box.

                           Remember anything is possible; "You just need to be so good that no one can ignore you " Steve Martin

Parity Marketing Group


Placing you in front of your next client

Options:        Fill in the contact information on this page

                    Call 866-218-2812  781-924-5330

                    Or email us. 

    Cost:            We work in 50 hour blocks at $42.00 per hour

                        Set up charge $225.00 Plus cost of list.

                        It takes about 2 weeks from time of payment to making 

                        our first call. Example we assign all calling assignments 

                        between 7-12 days before the call is made once you're 

                        in the system with payment. Once starting it rolls from  

                        invoice to invoice .


Payment :        Credit card, Check or Pay Pal. Call into office and let us know

                       your intentions. We look forward to having you as a client.